Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself

2 New Bloody Sound Releases!

Welles (aka Massimo Audia from Satantango) is back in town with his new "Ural Wine". Hysteric, acid and compulsive, Welles is blues coming from parallel universes.

Release date: March, 2015
Gatefold & silkscreened CDr





A new release for Makhno, one-man project of Paolo Cantù. "The Third Season" will be out on march 15 in LP version, coproduced with Wallace Records, Neon Paralleli, Villa Infermo, Hysm?, Brigadisco, Il Verso del Cinghiale, Xego Records and Onlyfuckingnoise.

The new album will be presented at Libero Arbitrio Beershop, Jesi (AN), friday march 27th.

Release date: March, 2015
LP 12" - Silkscreened artwork



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