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Edible Woman "Daunting" out soon!

EDIBLE WOMAN'S NEW ALBUM OUT SOON ON Bloody Sound Fucktory!! Save the date!
Digital preview and pre-order: september 15th
Release: october 15th


EDIBLE WOMAN are coming back. A seminal band of the italian underground, whose line-up is constantly evolving around the two founding members Andrea Giommi and Nicola Romani. "Daunting", comes after three years of silence, preceded by the split with Tante Anna released by the Swiss Old Bicycle Records, where the band engages in small electronic pieces. Active since 2003, Edible Woman's strengths have always been eclecticism and mutability; so after the brutal maelstrom-math-noise of "Spare Me / Calf" (2004), the synthetic power of "The Scum Album" (2007), the psychedelic chaos of "Everywhere At Once" (2010) and the refined songwriting in alt-rock key of "Nation" (2013), they are getting with "Daunting" to a sort of tribal hypno-blues jam with a shamanic-apocalyptic vein.