Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself


The third Lush Rimbaud album will be out on October 1st, 2015. An intimate and obscure record, 5 years since the acclaimed "The sound of the vanishing era" (2010) and 2 since the split with the dutch zZz (2013). This new record, co-produced by Bloody Sound Fucktory & fromSCRATCH Records, is a transition and a natural process of separation from the punk and kraut sounds of the past, looking forward a more intimate and refined psychedelia, more dark ed electronic. A record born more through subtracting than accumulating, molded from an initial raw mass of hours and hours of studio sessions to an output of 9 obscure, liquid and suffered tracks: the soundtrack of a trip along the deepness of soul, between rarefied visions and emotive accelerations, aiming in vain to find a balance of instincts, and a meaning to what surrounds you.

The release will be advanced on September 14th by the videoclip of the single "Marmite", but you can already listen to "G-Spot", on streaming on the compilation ofSOM. Furthermore, starting from today you can pre-order your copy both on cd through fromSCRATCH and in vinyl on BloodySound.