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New BloodySound Fucktory website

August 29th, 2013: the new BloodySound Fucktory website is online!

A bunch of new features, starting from a renewed look - we leave black for the first time! - till a lot of new photos for our rich roster.

The main news? First of all the BloodySound history year by year in the About section, from the first steps moved in 2004 until today... nine (nine?!) years of sonic delirium.

We changed also the Shop section - with direct links to our online shops on Discogs and Storenvy, where you can find not only our releases but also a very rich distro - and the Free Download section - for this event we donate you two historic releases in our catalogue, "Juice of Bimbo" by Lleroy and "Get free or die tryin'" by Jesus Franco & The Drogas... help yourself!

And cherry on top the Dates section, where you can always be updated on the next BloodySound events and you can also retrace the history of our BloodySound nights, with an historical archive which starts from the notorius 2004's Sound Bloody Sound Festival, filled by those famous works of art, the flyers made by our Andrea "Refo Torpedo / Vincent Vega / Sonny Alabama" Refi: a section all to discover!

And much more waiting for you... a vous!