Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself

Volumorama #3: Bachi da Pietra / The Shipwreck Bag Show. Preorder now!

On the street November 9, the third chapter of VOLUMORAMA is now available on preorder


The third chapter of Volumorama hosts noted artists being already in the first release: Bruno Dorella, here with hisĀ BACHI DA PIETRA accompanied by Giovanni Succi, and the duo Iriondo / Bertacchini (Cagna Schiumante / Immaginisti) aka THE SHIPWRECK BAG SHOW. More than a split record, this time we have a collaboration between two national heritage bands: on "Figli dei giorni silenziosi", over a carpet of electric guitar, harmonica and drums weaved by Bachi da Pietra lays the visionary delirium of Bertacchini, for a song which is acid and magnetic at the same time. On "Roccia" it's the opposite: a ground of melobar and drums charging till a power saturation, according to the cavernous voice of a Succi at his best. Two rare gems only for true connoisseurs.

bloody055 - Split 7" - Colored vinyl
Lato A | Bachi Da Pietra feat. Roberto Bertacchini "Figli Dei Giorni Silenziosi" Roberto Bertacchini: writing and vocals | Giovanni Succi: electric guitar, harmonica | Bruno Dorella: drums

Lato B | The Shipwreck Bag Show feat. Giovanni Succi "Roccia" Giovanni Succi: writing and vocals | Xabier Iriondo: melobar | Roberto Bertacchini: drums

Recorded and mixed by Xabier Iriondo at Metak Zulo
Artwork by Sonny "Refo" Alabama
Thanks to Marco Posocco

A. Bachi Da Pietra feat. Roberto Bertacchini - Figli Dei Giorni Silenziosi
B. The Shipwreck Bag Show feat. Giovanni Succi - Roccia