Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself

One Man Bluez

Davide Lipari

Caldonians, The Cyborgs, Lo-Tune

Blues of the heart: a hobo travelling from plantation to plantation, a guitar in his hand and the shoe sole to keep time, along the way from Mississippi Delta right to Chicago.

Dirty Blues Lover

bloody056 - Release date: February, 2017

CD digipak
All songs written and arranged by Davide Lipari, except “The Letter” by Box Tops.
Recorded and mixed by Giancarlo Barbati at Snakes Studio.
Artwork by Davide Lipari.


One Man 100% Bluez

bloody022 - Release date: October, 2011


Produced by Davide Lipari & Ruggero Solli.
Hey Ho!, Different End Boogie, recorded at Appo Studio by Fabio Chinca; Outbound, Leone, recorded at Snakes Studio by Giancarlo Barbati.
Mixed by Giancarlo Barbati at Snakes Studio.