Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself

Plasma Expander

Fabio Cerina, Corrado Loi, Andrea Siddu

Marcello Pisanu

Bron Y Aur

Plasma Expander fills the gap of 15 years of music. Grabbing directly from the SST's Minutemen broken-funk aggro and Blind Idiot God's sonic rollercoaster. Mind bending riffs for bass and baritone guitar. This music is going nowhere in weird ellipses around your head.

Otra Vez

bloody041 - Release date: May, 2014

Remix versions of Otra Vez by Barry London (Oneida), ZA!, Simon Balestrazzi, Luca Ciffo (Fuzz Orchestra), Claudio PRC, Mattia Coletti and Hubble.
Graphics by Mirko Spino.


bloody038 - Release date: March, 2014

Recorded in Cagliari at Event Studio by Sandro Sanna, 30.10.2013.
Engineered by Alessandro Coronas.
Mixed by Alessandro Coronas and Plasma Expander.
All tracks have been played live, good first take and no overdubs.
Graphics by Mirko Spino.



bloody012 - Release date: November, 2009

CD / LP + CD
Recorded, mixed and produced at NHQ by Enrico Rocca and Plasma Expander.
Mastered by Eric Aldrey.
Artwork by Lopix, layout by Mirko Spino.