Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself

The Great Saunites

Leonard Kandur Layola, Atros Al D

Lucifer Big Band, X-Mary

The Great Saunites draw jams ranging from hard rock to kraut, from avantgarde to folk, at the center the concept itself of alienation. The funereal chromatism, the complementary heterogeneity, the castrated hard rock and the claustrophobic psychedelia move to estrangement and alienation, to the allegorical image of the ivy as a social climber.


The Ivy

bloody030 - Release date: March, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Luca Ciffo at Muzak, Casalpusterlengo (MI) in august 2012. Mastered by Riccardo "Rico" Gamondi at Fiscerprais Studio.
Cover photo by Davide Maione, graphic layout and handmade packaging by Terracava, internal infos screenprinted by Corpoc.

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