Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself


Francesco Zedde

A.N.O.Butcher Mind Collapse, Tacet Tacet Tacet, Lazzaro

As a dropped bomb the umpteenth project by Francesco Zedde, Tonto, joins our catalogue: furious lo-fi beats, primitive screamings and sampled, remodulated and distorted percussions. Electroacoustic-core imbued with corrosive, obsessive and sick noise, coordinates Providence, Fort Thunder, Load.

Excerpts #4

bloody065 - Release date: November, 2018

LP / Tape
Performed by Tonto on April 31, 2018. Keyboards on track 10 by 52-Hearts Whale.
Recorded by Claudio La Rosa @ Dalek Studio, Messina. Mixed and mastered by Tonto @ EPAL Underground Studio, Jesi.
Artwork by Sdolz


A1. ˈhoʊ ˈsɔŋoʊ
A2. hoʊlɪˈbɔɪ
A3. drɑpˈɪt
A4. aɪsɛd noʊ
A5. ˈklɛntʃ
B1. kæsəl
B2. ʌvðəprɪnsɛs
B3. əˈlæskən lɑ lɑ lænd
B4. blækkæt
B5. ɪftitu hɑrts