Bloody Sound Fucktory - Do It Better, Do It Yourself

Pump up the volume, choose the noise!

Bloody Sound Fucktory has an explosive present for you: Volumorama, an incredible ltd edition 7" split series on colored vinyl, which will host the heaviest weights of the Italian music that matters. The one we love, true, unconcerned about the hypes, no matter which is the music style, the only requirement is a first-class quality. A series we will keep on during the next months, and will continue without fixed frequency. Artwork by our evergreen Sonny Refo Alabama, whose graphic style is inextricably linked to that Bloody Sound Fucktory was, is and will be.

Volumorama #4 - Gerda / Lleroy

bloody058 - May, 2017


First Volumorama of 2017, focus on Marches, fire from Marches. From Jesi with rage here comes GERDA with "Vipera": the perfect synthesis of a sound concept that they are developing since more than ten years. Disorder, mess, confusion & chaos, pure hardcore destruction and a surgical obstinacy against your ears committed with iconoclastic and extreme.
On the other side the power trio LLEROY, fellows of Gerda now living in Bologna. With "Siluro" they anticipate the sound of the outcoming new album, sequel of the acclaimed "Soma": hammering, caustic, massive and discordant, their noise is a monolith that combines an hyperkinetic drumming and sharp and thorny riffs, whose right place should be the Amphetamine Reptile discography. Do not say we did not warn you.

Volumorama #3 - Bachi Da Pietra / The Shipwreck Bag Show

bloody055 - November, 2016


The third chapter of Volumorama hosts noted artists being already in the first release: Bruno Dorella, here with his BACHI DA PIETRA accompanied by Giovanni Succi, and the duo Iriondo / Bertacchini (Cagna Schiumante / Immaginisti) aka THE SHIPWRECK BAG SHOW. More than a split record, this time we have a collaboration between two national heritage bands: on "Figli dei giorni silenziosi", over a carpet of electric guitar, harmonica and drums weaved by Bachi da Pietra lays the visionary delirium of Bertacchini, for a song which is acid and magnetic at the same time. On "Roccia" it's the opposite: a ground of melobar and drums charging till a power saturation, according to the cavernous voice of a Succi at his best. Two rare gems only for true connoisseurs.

Volumorama #2 - Mombu / Germanotta Youth

bloody053 - January, 2016


So many good intentions for the new year: the second Volumorama release hosts two of the most devastating and brutal bands around: "Revenge Of Pre-Industrialization" is an ancestral ceremony of noise directly from the bowels of the Black Africa, composed by MOMBU, Luca Mai (Zu) and Antonio Zitarelli (Neo, Surgical Beat Bros). "Agatha Grind Dance Floor" brings us from the origins of humanity to the dystopic, infernal, digital future of GERMANOTTA YOUTH, cold and ruthless grindcore surgeons that in less than five minutes condense an apocalypse in music. The Volume continues.

Volumorama #1 - OvO / Cagna Schiumante

bloody051 - November, 2015


And we start with a big bang: on the first Volumorama we offer you a weird joining: on one side the duo Dorella-Pedretti a.k.a. OVO, one of the most active and legendary bands in the world noise rock scene, which gives us "Empio", three minutes of pure hell in music. Simply and terribly exhausting. On the other one CAGNA SCHIUMANTE: a trio of names that do not need presentations - Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours, Six Minute War Madness, A Short Apnea), Roberto Bertacchini (Starfuckers, Sinistri) and Stefano Pilia (Massimo Volume, In Zaire) - for an avantgarde project without compromises. A short circuit that generates a devastated, flayed and disturbed sound, an environment filled by electricity and sonic surrealism, noise and words of an acidity that corrodes. Listen to "Tennis" to believe.