Bloody Sound Fucktory is an independent label, attracted by instinct and affinity from the rock subculture and its borderline aspects, from what reworks the standards and eludes definitions. By its very nature is indifferent to the genres, the hypes, the ideologies, to the high or the low degree of accessibility of a musical project, as well as to his experimental depth. It simply loves what strikes its attitude. It releases and promotes those records that had always wanted to find on the shelves of its favourite record shop. It does not offer contracts to sign, it makes arrangements. It is not the viaticum for glory. It does not make promises that cannot keep. It does not offer work to anyone. It does not enrich anyone. Economically self-sustaining, as a promoter it organizes concerts, exhibitions, festivals and dj sets, leaning to the realities and structures on its territory - local, clubs, squats - and involving from time to time, in addition to its bands, the most interesting names of the the national and international underground scene. It is not a booking agency. It is not grounded to large retailers and disseminates its works through the practices of co-production and exchange, as well as direct sales through distros, banquets, web.