Bloody Sound Fucktory is an independent label, attracted by instinct and affinity from the rock subculture and its borderline aspects, from what reworks the standards and eludes definitions. By its very nature is indifferent to the genres, the hypes, the ideologies, to the high or the low degree of accessibility of a musical project, as well as to his experimental depth. It simply loves what strikes its attitude. It releases and promotes those records that had always wanted to find on the shelves of its favourite record shop. It does not offer contracts to sign, it makes arrangements. It is not the viaticum for glory. It does not make promises that cannot keep. It does not offer work to anyone. It does not enrich anyone. Economically self-sustaining, as a promoter it organizes concerts, exhibitions, festivals and dj sets, leaning to the realities and structures on its territory - local, clubs, squats - and involving from time to time, in addition to its bands, the most interesting names of the the national and international underground scene. It is not a booking agency. It is not grounded to large retailers and disseminates its works through the practices of co-production and exchange, as well as direct sales through distros, banquets, web.

The Fucktory takes its first steps in 2004 as a fanzine, with a strong D.I.Y. spirit. Its initial intention is to create favorable conditions for the growth of a real scene in its territory - the province of Ancona - by joining to bands such as Sedia, Edible Woman, Vel ​​and Guinea Pig, which were the precursors. From 2005 it devoted itself to events organization, pushing along with other realities that wave that will make the Marche region one of the most vital poles of the national underground scene in the last decade. In 2007 the scene is now very much alive and in turmoil, full of aggressive bands aiming to get over the local boundaries: to increase its support Bloody Sound therefore changes from a fanzine into a record label, releasing in the following two years names that capture the attention of the national independent circuit (Lush Rimbaud, Dadamatto, Butcher Mind Collapse, Lleroy, Lebowski, Jesus Franco & the Drogas, Bhava, Gerda), often in co-production with similar realities such as Wallace Records, fromScratch, Brigadisco and other Italian independent labels. Achieved the initial goal of giving visibility to the underground of its territory, from 2009 Bloody Sound gradually turns its attention to the national scene, keeping the same passion and attitude as always, now corroborated by the experience, the knowledge and the human relations accumulated over the years, still helping the bands and the artists which from time to time falls in love with. It is proven among the others by Volumorama, a 7” split series with the best of the national underground, published starting from 2016. Wide horizons but strong roots in Marches region: so many the events organized by or with the presence of the Fucktory, just to name one: Matanza, the summer festival that after years has become one of the trademarks of the Fucktory.