Above The Tree & Drum Ensemble Du Beat - Cave_Man

bloody033 - Release date: February, 2014

Analogically recorded by Maurizio Abate at Argo Lab in Gorla Minore (VA) between june and october 2013, except Mao's percussions and some overdubbing, recorded by Roberto Villa at Visuela Recording Studio in Predappio (FC).
Mixed by Maurizio Abate at Outside Inside in Montebelluna (TV). Mastered by Filippo Strang at VDSS Recording in Frosinone.
Contributors: Roberto Villa, sax in "People from the Cave", Glauco Salvo, banjo in "Down-Wind Song" and Nicola Manzan, who arranged the strings in "End of Era".
The voices of american natives in "Black Spirits" are taken from the tape "Kiowa: Forty-nine & round dance songs" edited by Canyon Records in 1972.
All songs written by Marco Bernacchia.


1. Aborigenal Dream
2. People from the Cave
3. Down-wind Song
4. Berbers in Action
5. Black Spirits
6. End of Era