The function of the anus, which is combined with that of the rectum, is to allow and regulate the important and delicate physiological act of defecation. Young duo tending to homosexuality, guitar, drums and imprecations against God, a dodechaedric post hardcore discharge with a devastating impact. Spearhead of the new Jesi-to-drink generation.


bloody039 - Release date: July, 2014

Digital EP
Recorded on may 24th, 2014 by Manuele Marani at Mara's Cave, Piane di Falerone (FM), mixed and mastered by Manuele Marani, may/june 2014.
Composed and played by A.N.O., special guest Manuele Marani, double bass, frozen voice, screams.
"Uomo Schizoide Del Ventunesimo Secolo" is a tribute to King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man".
"Dio Frizziquizzi"'s lyrics by Ennio Montesi.
Artwork: A.N.O.


1. Dio Frizziquizzi
2. Uomo Schizoide del Ventunesimo Secolo
3. Bristol
4. Ninja