Barbagallo - Quarter Century

bloody021 - Release date: November, 2011

White cassette ltd edition

Produced & mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings.
Played by Carlo Barbagallo and many friends' contributions: Suzanne'Silver, Captain Quentin, Enablers, Gentless 3, Tellaro, Tapso II, Colapesce, Les Dix-Huit Secondes, Camera 237, Wisdom Teeth, Diane And The Shell, Music For Eleven Instuments.

a1. Ercoidem
a2. Great sun
a3. Simon templar
a4. Show
a5. Wake me up!
a6. Mediocre
a7. Reject (no reaction time)
a8. Holiday
a9. H.L.
b1. A place called home
b2. Clouds behind the moon
b3. The chamber of 32 doors
b4. The crowd
b5. Tx313
b6. Town calls
b7. White
b8. Switch off your tv
b9. Ercoidem manipulated