A bull that throw you in the ground with convulsive and rough movements, and it is no luck: scientific knowledge of inertia and barycentres, centrifugal forces, action and reaction. A lightspeed rodeo, no courtesies, it is a fight: they proudly win and you crying in the sand with broken bones. A furious and mathematic noise-core, cutting slivers of post punk, offals of deviant funk and hysteria japanoise.

Double Jump Carpiato

bloody009 - Release date: March, 2009

Recorded and mixed at Red House Recordings, Senigallia (AN).
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Bips Studio, Milano.
Arwork by Refo.

1. Sammer
2. Il Ballo Del Mattone
3. Il Mio Compleanno
4. Look Sky Walker
5. E Se Invece Forse Avessi Potuto
6. Fornicazione Sotto Consenso del Re
7. Il PiĆ¹ Inquietante Fra Tutti Gli Ospiti
8. L'Impero Delle Vacche di Bhava