Cagna Schiumante

A short circuit that generates a devastated, flayed and disturbed sound, a point of no return. Ambients full of electricity and sonic surrealism, noise and words so acid to corrode. An uncompromising and cutting-edge research.

Pics by ©annapaolamartin


Empio / Tennis

bloody051 - Release date: November, 2015 - VOLUMORAMA #1

Split 7"
A side | "Empio" written by OvO, recorder mixed and mastered by Andrea Scardovi at Dunastudio 
B side | "Tennis" written by Cagna Schiumante, recorder at Blind Sun Studio, mixed at Zulo Metak Studio 
Artwork by Sonny "Refo" Alabama

A. OvO - Empio
B. Cagna Schiumante - Tennis