Cut / Movie Star Junkies - Bad Chromosome / You I Shall Drown

bloody066 - Release date: March, 2019 - VOLUMORAMA #6

Split 7", 45rpm

Side A | Cut w/ Mike Watt "Bad Chromosome"
Produced and engineered by Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio, Bologna, Italy
Mike Watt on bass and backing vocals. Bass parts recorded by Mike Watt in San Pedro, CA
Recording completed 13th October 2017
Mastered by Carl Saff

Side B | Movie Star Junkies "You I Shall Drown"
Recorded at Boto's Farm, San Pietro del Gallo (CN) by Massimiliano Moccia
Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork by Sonny "Refo" Alabama -

A. Cut w/ Mike Watt - Bad Chromosome 2.45
B. Movie Star Junkies - You I Shall Drown 3.28