Fuzz Orchestra

Black Sabbath meet Morricone meets Revolution. Starting from radical improvisation, Fuzz Orchestra achieves to forge a sound built on strong rock textures, guitar and drums based, on which a fluxus of outer sounds (old movies, old vinyls cut ups, noise streams and real time audio manipulations) ties and rages. Starting from noise and kraut rock their sound gets album by album more brutal and heavy. The themes being glorious (La Resistenza against fascism) and dark ('60 and '70 state terrorism) moments of contemporary italian history: Fuzz Orchestra gives voice back to those who have tried to revolt against the inhuman capitalist world order

Morire per la Patria

bloody029 - Release date: December, 2012

Gatefold CD
Recorded by Fuzz Orchestra in september 2012 at Cascina Torchiera and M24 Studio in Milan.
Mixed by Bruno Germano in october 2012 at Vacuum Studio in Bologna. Mastered by James Plotkin in november 2012 at Plotkinworks in Philadelphia.
Cover design by Fabio Ferrario, photo by Paolo Mongardi. Deluxe edition, white cover glossy UV printed in relief by Legno.
Co-produced with a bunch of labels: Wallace, fromSCRATCH, Boring Machines, Brigadisco, Escape from today, Hysm?, Il verso del cinghiale, To lose la track, Offset, Trasponsonic, Villa Inferno, Cheap Satanism, Blinde Proteus.

1. Sangue
2. La proprietà
3. Il paese incantato
4. Svegliati e uccidi
5. Viene il vento
6. In verità vi dico
7. Morire per la patria