Germanotta Youth

Hell in music. A death shake of digital hardcore, industrial and grindcore, ode to chaos and extreme noise; fury and wickedness transfigured into something even more black, sludge metal painted of evil. Double bass drum that pierces ears and brain, electroshocking blast beats. Recommended to fans of Locust and Melt Banana, less to those who cares about their health.

Revenge Of Pre-Industrialization / Agatha Grind Dance Floor

bloody053 - Release date: January, 2016 - VOLUMORAMA #2

Split 7"
A side | "Revenge Of Pre-Industrialization" written by Mombu, recorder mixed and mastered by Reeks at Hombrelobo, Rome
B side | "Agatha Grind Dance Floor" written by Germanotta Youth, recorder mixed and mastered by Reeks at Hombrelobo, Rome
Artwork by Sonny "Refo" Alabama

A. Mombu - Revenge Of Pre-Industrialization
B. Germanotta Youth - Agatha Grind Dance Floor

The Final Solution

bloody025 - Release date: February, 2012


Recorded, mixed & mastered at Hombrelobo, Roma by Fabio Reeks Recchia

a1. Theriantropon
a2. Demons in the limbic brain
b1. The succubus
b2. Goodnight, mankind