Guinea Pig

Coalition of fundamentalist noisers, unorthodox musicians and fearless experimenters. A strange mix of noise, deviant blues and nonsense rock. Forced to express through nevrastenic vocalisms in abstract compositions, acid to the bones, the four Guinea Pig act by instinct bringing the logic to derail, in perpetual motion to the unknown. Sonic Voodoo.


bloody010 / ecto01 - Release date: November, 2010 - ECTOPLASMI

Recorded by Fabio Magistrali at OginoKnaus Studio, Senigallia (AN), may 2008.
Mixed by Fabio Magistrali and Guinea Pig, mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Bips Studio, Milano (MI).
Artwork and layout by Lorenzo Memè.

1. Megamouth
2. Los ninos comen pan moreno y rica luna
3. El psycopata
4. The revenge of Tosho Uboroboshi
5. Crumbs of cheese and spiked heels
6. XXX
7. In the court of a Burger King