Heat Fandango

Underground rock with acid and decadent blues veins, a garage punk look that flows into a rough, direct and essential sound. Pressing guitar riffs, an obsessive rhythm and sound carpets of an old Farfisa exhumed from a remote flea market accompany stories of everyday life, of neurosis, of desire for redemption, sung with disenchantment, or screamed with the anger of those who, like all of us, lives this claustrophobic present.

Reboot System

bloody070 - Release date: October, 2021

CD jewel box
Home recorded by Heat Fandango between March and May 2020.
Mixed and mastered by Filippo Strang at VDSS Studio in Frosinone.
Artwork and design by Salvatore Liberti.

1. Reboot System
2. Controlled
3. Hard Nite
4. Guilty
5. Here They Come
6. Jungle Fighting
7. C'mon Babe
8. Feelings
9. I Wish You