Jesus Franco & The Drogas / Satantango - Jesus Tango and the Satan Drogas

bloody014 - Release date: February, 2010

Recorded and mixed by Fabio Magistrali.
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti and Fabio Magistrali at New Mastering studio.
Artwork by Refo

1. The Circus Comes to Town (Satantango)
2. The World Is Cruel and People Are Strange (Satantango)
3. Nothing Else to Say (Satantango)
4. Crazy Baby (Jesus Tango and The Satan Drogas)
5. Shotgun Organ (Jesus Franco & the Drogas)
6. Ray Charles (Mississippi's Our Gange) (Jesus Franco & the Drogas)
7. Fernando Sancho (Jesus Franco & the Drogas)
8. Motel Sex (Jesus Tango and The Satan Drogas)