Journeys in unexplored territories that leverage on instinct and on an autarchic spirit of survival. A multisensory and hypnotic experience, a musical and visual performance with an oblique approach between psychedelia, world music, kraut-rock, electronic and ambient. A cinematic, fluctuating and multiform sound: welcome to the Hypnagogic Imagined South of the French owl.


bloody069 - Release date: February, 2021

Recording and mixing | Nicola Amici @ Ph37 Soundlab, Biarritz and Nice (France)
Mastering | Giovanni Versari @ La MaestĂ  studio, Faenza (FC)
Music | Kaouenn
Graphic and layout | Alessandra Jabed
Photos | Caterina Fattori

A1. Psychic Nomad
A2. Immaterial Jungle
A3. Reachin’ The Stars
A4. Mirage Noir (feat. Above The Tree)
B1. Into a Ring of Fire (bonus track on vinyl only)
B2. Indina
B3. Flood of Light
B4. K2 (feat. Sara Ardizzoni)