Lucifer Big Band

Palingenesis of the angel fallen in noisy deliriums, synthetich litanies and obsessive tribalisms. With the patronage of Lucifer and Fridiana.
Electronic manipulations, the visionary trances of the Grateful Dead, feral noise, ecstatic ambient, Eraclito's obscure philosophy and the J.B. Ballard's demons living all together. Construction and destruction, dance and contortion, screams and silence on a wave of plagued bells.

Atto III

bloody057 - Release date: April, 2017

Augmented listening experience at
CDr all-black handmade package, limited edition
Recorded by Angelo Bignamini
Mixed by Michelangelo Roberti and Angelo Bignamini @ Mzky Studio, Lodi
Mastered by Riccardo Gamondi @ Fiscerprais Studio, Pontecurone (AL)
Design & augmented listening experience website by Leonardo Amico |


1. Atto III

Atto II

bloody034 - Release date: February, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Michelangelo Roberti.
Mastered by Riccardo "Rico" Gamondi.
Graphics & artwork by Tomàs Pichardo & Leonardo Amico.


1. Parte I
2. Parte II

Atto I

bloody027 - Release date: May, 2012

CD-r / Free Download
Concepito, suonato e registrato da Lucifer Big Band a febbraio 2012
Trasmutazione sonora a cura di Michelangelo Roberti
Artwork a cura di Orgonomy

1. Atto I