Ludmilla Spleen

Hardcore strikes, acid paint and post-punk deliriums by this smashing duo going by the name of Ludmilla Spleen.
Guitar, voice and drums, a fulminating debut tasting like an high speed truck right in your face.



bloody047 - Release date: December, 2014

Recorded by Fabio Magistrali 3-5 of June 2013 w/t Magistermobstudio at Cursi (LE)
Mixed by Fabio Magistrali and Ludmilla Spleen 27-28 of September 2013 at Cursi (LE)
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti 18 of November 2013 Newmastering (MI)
Lyrics Filippo Brandi
Layout and graphic by Ludmilla Spleen & Sonny "Refo" Alabama

a1. Gelato Gusto Puffo 5:59
a2. Camion 5:36
b1. Eeeh?!? 8:43