Lush Rimbaud

Pulsing bass, motorik beats. Electro delicatessen all along the album. Tommy sings his rigths: They make money, we make noise. Kraut-wave is the answer, Lush Rimbaud is the question.


bloody050 - Release date: October, 2015

LP 180gr

Registered and mixed at 'Hell'z Eye Studio, Ancona by Claudio Tagliabbracci, Giulio Ascoli, Paolo Melatti and Lush Rimbaud between March and December 2014
Mastered at New Mastering Studio by Maurizio Giannotti, December 2014
Artwork: Raffaele Primitivo

A1. Marmite
A2. Acid Skyline
A3. Never Regret
A4. G-Spot
A5. Silent Room
B1. Super-Indian
B2. Not The Monkey
B3. The Valley
B4. Dark Side Call

The Sound Of The Vanishing Era

bloody013 - Release date: November, 2009

Recorded and mixed by Fabio Magistrali.
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering Studio.
Illustrations by Rocco Lombardi.

1. Sounds From a Vanishing Era
2. 2009 Crusade
3. They Make Money (We Make Noise)
4. God Trip
5. Space Ship
6. Sounds From a New Era
7. Changing Gear
8. The Chameleon

Action From The Basement

bloody002 - Release date: February, 2007

Recorded by Mattia Coletti in Monte San Vito (AN).
Mixed by Mattia Coletti and Lush Rimbaud.
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Bips Studio, Milano.
Arwork by Refo.

1. Action / Basement
2. Are You Sure That Totally Insured Means Totally Insured?
3. Brain Fitness
4. Oskar (Say Yeah)
5. Handjob From The Doorman
6. Bus Stop Owner
7. Dirty Little Faggot
8. Flashing Elevator