The one-man project of Paolo Cantù, self-taught musician, a long distance runner in the outer italian music history: from the experimental band Tasaday to the foundation of the rock band Afterhours, from two seminal bands like Six Minute War Madness and A Short Apnea to his last project with Xabier Iriondo, Uncode Duello. In the middle Four Gardens in One, End of Summer, Damo Suzuki’s Network and EAReNOW. The last stop is Makhno, his first solo project: industrial and post-punk, Throbbing Gristle, Butthole Surfers and Big Black, the touch and the soul of a unique and extremely personal musician.


The Third Season

bloody046 - Release date: March, 2015

Paolo Cantù: guitars, bass, drums, vocals, drum machines, clarinet, keyboards, monotron  tapes, electronics, recording and mix. Federico Ciappini: text and vocals in "Avevo cose da dire" and "Cerambice".
Recorded and mixed at home in Rossoreggio (PC), Italy. Final mix at Trai Studio, Inzago (MI), Italy. Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy.
Graphics by Paolo Cantù and Mirko Spino. Photo by Chiara Mattioli.


A1. The book of the year
A2. Per non mai dimenticarmi
A3. I dreamed I saw Mark P. last night
A4. Avevo cose da dire
B1. Die gedanken sind frei
B2. Nobody knows you when you’re down and out
B3. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hands
B4. Cerambice