Mattia Coletti

Primitive blues, elegant and essential. The attention to the detail in a constant game of mirrors between the guitars. Avant folk or ritual blues: EN" lang="EN">probably just melody, which merges with a psychedelic background never ostentatious. Electroacoustic sketches children of Gastr Del Sol and Jim O'Rourke, tracing an ideal common thread from John Fahey up to the more placid Animal Collective.



bloody042 - Release date: September, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered in spring 2014.
Cover art by Ludo.
Voice in "On the moon" by Simon Skjodt Jensen; drone sounds in "Molko" by Matteo Tegu Sideri.
Graphics by Mirko Spino.

1. Molko
2. On the moon
3. Big eye
4. Marte
5. Croma
6. Speakers from a picture

The Land

bloody024 - Release date: January, 2012

Recorded in October 2011.
Mastered in Milan at Newmastering Studio.

1. Pitagora
2. The Land
3. Wind Glass
4. Greta
5. Ghost West
6. Red Eye
7. Tape and Crackle
8. A Time full of Boxes