Volumorama #4: Gerda / Lleroy



First Volumorama of 2017, focus on Marches, fire from Marches. From Jesi with rage here comes GERDA with "Vipera": the perfect synthesis of a sound concept that they are developing since more than ten years. Disorder, mess, confusion & chaos, pure hardcore destruction and a surgical obstinacy against your ears committed with iconoclastic and extreme.
On the other side the power trio LLEROY, fellows of Gerda now living in Bologna. With "Siluro" they anticipate the sound of the outcoming new album, sequel of the acclaimed "Soma": hammering, caustic, massive and discordant, their noise is a monolith that combines an hyperkinetic drumming and sharp and thorny riffs, whose right place should be the Amphetamine Reptile discography. Do not say we did not warn you.

bloody058 - Split 7" - Vinile colorato
Lato A | Gerda - Vipera
Lato B | Lleroy - Siluro