One of the most active bands in the worldwide noisy rock scene. A little possessed singer and guitar player and an enormous drummer who plays a mini-set like it was a full metal drum set. Their masked live performances are legendary, and they’ve played them all over the world, from Mexico to Turkey, from Russia to the US. It’s not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there’s a little bit of all these. A band you can’t file. Since 2000, unique and inimitable.


Empio / Tennis

bloody051 - Release date: November, 2015 - VOLUMORAMA #1

Split 7"
A side | "Empio" written by OvO, recorder mixed and mastered by Andrea Scardovi at Dunastudio 
B side | "Tennis" written by Cagna Schiumante, recorder at Blind Sun Studio, mixed at Zulo Metak Studio 
Artwork by Sonny "Refo" Alabama

A. OvO - Empio
B. Cagna Schiumante - Tennis