The Blues Against Youth

The Blues Against Youth is the solo project run and managed by Gianni TBAY on guitar, voice, bassdrum, hi-hat, whistle and the "invisible iron snare". All instruments are played simultaneously during his one man shows. Firstly inspired by country gold such as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and David Allan Coe, TBAY develops a mixture of grooves passing through 70's rock of Lynyrd and Zeppelin era, coming back to primitiveness of delta blues fathers and moving towards something muddier and overwhelming.


Spanish Is Sexy / Dotted White Line

bloody044 - Release date: November, 2014

Split 7"
Side A | "Spanish Is Sexy" written by The Cyborgs, produced by Cyborg Zero, recorded by Mr. Bug @ Gas Vintage Records.
Side B | "Dotted White Line" written and produced by Gianni TBAY, recorded by G.Nodari @ Snakes Studio.
Artwork by Simone Lucciola.


A. The Cyborgs - Spanish Is Sexy
B. The Blues Against Youth - Dotted White Line