The Cyborgs

Elektrock boogie two man band, The Cyborgs have their own dirty blues elektro shit and they play even some traditional songs of the early years of Delta blues. A story tells that they come from 2110 where there’s no more blues and the world is almost over, going back from century to century to try to find informations to keep the blues alive: "we come from the future, in the present, to keep the past alive".
Their name are Zero and One: Cyborg-0 sings and plays guitar with his never stopping chunky chunk thumb of his right hand, while Cyborg-1 plays keyboard bass with his left hand, and drums with the other parts of his freaky body.


Spanish Is Sexy / Dotted White Line

bloody044 - Release date: November, 2014

Split 7"
Side A | "Spanish Is Sexy" written by The Cyborgs, produced by Cyborg Zero, recorded by Mr. Bug @ Gas Vintage Records.
Side B | "Dotted White Line" written and produced by Gianni TBAY, recorded by G.Nodari @ Snakes Studio.
Artwork by Simone Lucciola.


A. The Cyborgs - Spanish Is Sexy
B. The Blues Against Youth - Dotted White Line