Porkestra, Zolle's new album, breaks down the wall between the dining room and the studio. Conceived entirely during the digestive process, transforms the stay at the table in sonic power, violent and positive. Is the son of human momentary pleasures, sometimes overflowing, which can kill.

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bloody049 - Release date: April, 2015

CD digipack
Recorded by Michelangelo Roberti and Roberto Rizzo at Mizkey Studio, Lodi, Italy.
Mixed by Roberto Rizzo at Tray Studio, Inzago (MI), Italy.
Mastering by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio, Tredozio (FC), Italy.
Artwork by Berlikete and Eeviac.


1. Porkediem
2. Porkeria
3. Porkasmatron
4. Porkona
5. Porkemon
6. Porkimede
7. Porkata
8. Porkobot
9. Porkenstein
10. Porkastica
11. Pork Vader
12. Porkangelogabriele